Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf played brother and sister in “Party of Five,” and that wasn’t going to change 23 years later.

The former co-stars are sharing the screen once more in a new Hallmark film, “A Merry Scottish Christmas.” 

The on-screen siblings insist there won’t be any kissing under the mistletoe. They’re happily playing brother and sister again in the holiday film.

“We need to make it as clear as possible that never … were we going to be love interests,” Wolf told Fox News Digital.


“We knew it would be a sibling story, which really kind of set it apart a little bit from a lot of the Christmas holiday movies on Hallmark, where the central two characters are romantic love interests,” he said. “We knew this entire thing would be built around this sibling relationship. And I think we were really … excited about telling a story that was a little different from what people might come to expect.

“There’s romance because Lacey’s character has a romantic love interest, and I have a story with my wife in the movie,” the actor shared. “But I think we were really excited that Hallmark embraced this story that was about … family.”

The film explores how two siblings grew apart over the years but decided to meet up at their mother’s childhood home in Scotland for Christmas.

When “A Merry Scottish Christmas” was first announced over the summer, Chabert told Fox News Digital many fans took to social media and posted vomit emojis.

“Hopefully no more,” said Wolf, 55. “No more vomit emojis. Once people see the movie, I think the vomit emojis will go away.”

“Just hearts,” Chabert added.


The two stars were eager to work together again. 

“Party of Five,” a ‘90s family drama, wrapped in 2000.

“[This is] something that we’ve been wanting to do,” the “Mean Girls” star explained. “And the fact that it’s actually happened … it was a dream. Scott’s the best. I love him so much, and I have missed him every day since ‘Party of Five’ ended. This was a beautiful reunion.

“It was six years of my life,” the 41-year-old reflected. “I was 11 to 17; 144 episodes we did together. It was a wonderfully written show and such a blessing to be a part of. But what sticks to my heart the most are the laughs that we shared and the protective big brother that [Scott] was to me during the time and still [is].

“The entire cast and crew, we were family. I think about it, and I have nothing but the best memories. I realize that so much of who I am now is because of the influence of everyone around me during that time of my life. And I’m really blessed they were all such wonderful people.”

Chabert said she and Wolf remained close since the series ended. Wolf said when they first started working together in 1994, he felt compelled to “protect” the child actress.

“I always felt this protective thing with Lacey,” he explained. “She was only 11 years old. And knowing she was a child at the time, working in a very … adult environment, I just felt immediately protective of her. But it wasn’t because she gave off this sense of, ‘I need protecting.’ 

“She was … a force of nature from the time I met her. And every scene I got a chance to do with her just felt like we were so connected. … We just felt like brother and sister from the beginning.

“We’re playing different characters, and so much time has passed, but it still felt like we were brother and sister,” he shared. “I think, hopefully, when people watch the movie, you don’t see two actors pretending to be brother and sister. 

“You see a brother and sister. … We were able to bring our love for each other in real life to the story. And I think it comes through with how much fun we were having while we were filming.”

Over the years, Chabert and Wolf had good reason to bond beyond the set. They’re now proud parents. Chabert is a mom to a daughter she shares with David Nehdar. The couple tied the knot in 2013. Wolf has a party of five of his own with three children he shares with his wife of nearly 20 years.

With many beloved shows getting the reboot treatment over the years, Wolf and Chabert said they wouldn’t think twice about getting the gang back together.


“I’m in,” they gushed.

“I don’t know that that will ever happen,” Chabert admitted. “But … I would love to see where the characters are. We were so lucky to have had beautiful storylines, and it was so real. I would love to see where they are at this time in life. Who knows?”

“Everybody’s got busy careers and families and other things, but I don’t think there’s any one of us that wouldn’t be curious to revisit what the Salinger family looks like today,” Wolf added.

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