A Detroit police officer was shot and wounded and two suspects were found with gunshot wounds late Thursday following a shooting inside a house, police said.

Detroit police Chief James White said the wounded officer and the two suspects were expected to fully recover from their wounds. He did not provide conditions for the officer or the suspects, all of whom were hospitalized.


White said officers responded after 11 p.m. Thursday to a “suppressed” Shotspotter alert that detected gunshots inside the house on the city’s west side. Officers could hear gunshots being fired inside the home when they arrived.

White said officers entered the home and made their way to its second level. The first two officers who went up the stairs encountered a suspect and were fired upon, and one officer was hit by gunfire, he said.

The second officer returned fire and dragged his partner out of the line of fire, while a second officer also returned fire, the chief said.

White said two suspects were found shot and wounded in the house but it was not immediately clear if they were wounded by police or whoever had been shooting inside the home.

“The officers by all accounts were heroic to go into an active shooter situation,” the chief said. “It appears they were clearly disrupting either a robbery-murder or a murder.”

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